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Advice at Greenfort

Unique clients require unique people: Thinking , acting, solving – within and outside legal categories: inter-culturally and internationally, utilizing all available resources. Business strategists, managers of interests, committed sparring partners – from conciliatory to unbending – from unswerving to unorthodox. Making things simpler and life easier. Legal commercial consultation that smoothes the way.

Corporate Law

Public and private limited company law > partnership law > business start-ups > strategic structuring of single and affiliated group companies > transformation law > restructuring > shareholder and and annual general meetings > articles of association > company statutes > squeeze-outs > corporate actions > enterprise agreements > miscellaneous fundamental measures > company financing > cash pooling models > succession consulting > resolution of disputes within company law > managerial liability > remuneration and financial participation scheme.


Acquisition and sale of companies> within Germany and abroad > auction procedures > company mergers > public takeovers > joint venture structures > company succession > transaction management> due diligence > negotiations.

Equity and mezzanine models > buyout transactions > buy-in transactions > stake acquisition > investment agreements > shareholders agreements > business management > exit strategies > structured acquisition financing > miscellaneous corporate financing > restructuring> start-ups > expansion > financial investors > entrepreneurs.

Acquisition and sale of real estate and real estate portfolios > preparation, organization and execution > share and asset deals > all classes of real estate > development projects > real estate financing > collateral packages > buyers, sellers and banks.

Business Law

Contract drafting > negotiations > examination and management of contract procedures > distribution rights > drafting of general terms and conditions > leasing > factoring and franchising > transportation law > commercial real estate law > UN International Sales Agreement > conflict of laws (IPR)> international commercial law > reconciliation of conflicting commercial laws.

Public takeover bids > action against takeover attempts > Taking private transactions > squeeze-outs > de-listings > mergers of listed companies > IPOs > private placements> ongoing capital market legal advice > insider trading > ad hoc publicity > contact to exchanges and regulators.

Corporate and group financing> acquisition financing > project funding > loan plans > organization of collateral.

Strategies to avoid insolvency > managerial codes of conduct > rearrangement of finances > reshaping crisis-hit companies > buying and selling out of bankruptcy > rescue companies > reorganization measures and debt rescheduling negotiations > financial safety nets > self-administration during insolvency.

Purchase agreements for business and private real property > real estate development > development of individual buildings and building complexes > creation of condominium > arrangement of land charges and other encumbrances (easements, land rents etc.) > drafting of contracts for work (in particular general contractor and general transferee agreements) > commercial rent agreements > sellers > buyers > real estate developers > building owners > landlords > tenants.

Trademark and copyright law > license, distribution and R & D contracts > data protection > unfair competition > antitrust related distribution law > electronic commerce > information technology > IT outsourcing > internet law.

Privatizations > PPP transactions > the public sector > public procurement and state aid law > regulatory law > foreign trade law > approval procedures > miscellaneous procedures of administrative authorities > litigation > air traffic law > miscellaneous commercial administration law.

IT projects and transaction > software agreements (development, licensing, maintenance) > protection of software, data bases and domains > online presence and privacy policies > use of tracking tools > targeting and re-targeting, targeted advertising > e-commerce > cloud computing / SaaS > use of new technologies, Apps, smart devices > website terms of use > General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) > data protection > data processing agreements > outsourcing > transfer of data > shop agreements > screening of employee e-mails.

Labor Law

Judicial and extra-judicial representation in individual and collective labor disputes > staff reduction (planning; negotiations for the reconciliation of interests and a social compensation plan; collective redundancies; informing of dismissals; etc.) > drafting and negotiation of works agreements > drafting and negotiating collective labor agreements > business transfers > outsourcing > employment contracts > termination of employment agreements > bonus plans, share options, profit sharing and other incentive programs > general managers > boards of directors > remuneration schemes in the financial services sector > temporary employment > social insurance law > works constitution law > co-determination > resolution of disputes.

Dispute Resolution

Litigation in state courts > arbitration, conciliation and mediation (Office of Conciliation)> conflict coaching and supervision > advising on appropriate procedures for settling disputes > mechanisms for dispute avoidance and conflict prevention > neutral conflict evaluation at an early stage (early neutral evaluation) > neutral examination of contracts for susceptibility to disagreements > interest-based negotiations> strategy and tactics > mediation, facilitation and advice in negotiations and procedures for decision-making and transformation > advice and support in the implementation of internal corporate conflict management systems > advice and support in conflicts between companies, organizations and institutions; within the corporate group; between shareholders; within the company management; between works council and management; within teams, or between employees and managers > administrative proceedings and litigation.

ESG & Compliance

ESG › CSR › compliance systems > compliance organization > planning, drafting and implementation > national and cross-border > corporate group systems and organization > reviewing and improving existing systems and organization > compliance violations > advice and support during administrative inquiries > conducting internal investigations > liability claims > advocacy for board members and executives > anti-corruption > business partner compliance tools > D & O insurance issues > reference role for external compliance > whistle blowing models > Ombudsman > supply chain due diligence > climate change and human rights > ESG/sustainability and reporting requirements.

Notary Services

Mergers & Acquisitions > corporate transactions > real estate transactions > shareholders’ agreements > share and asset deals > shareholders’ meetings > business combinations > spin-offs > cross border transactions > capital measures > security packages > share pledges > land charges > development projects > trust services > escrow deposits > all currencies > broad international experience > excellent service.

Office of Conciliation

Greenfort is a state certified office of conciliation. We offer conciliation for every kind of dispute under civil law. Applications can be made without complication, in accordance with our Rules of Conciliation, by e-mail . Under German law (§ 204 para. 1 no. 4 of the German Civil Code) conciliation suspends the statutory time limits set for claims and civil litigation.

Conciliation is usually a more cost effective alternative to enforcement proceedings through a law court. Compared to litigation, conciliation is significantly more effective, faster, and lower in cost. Moreover, the conciliation does not have to be strictly limited to the original points the of dispute. Therefore, a broad spectrum of solutions can be opened which are geared to the real interests of the disputing parties. The proceedings are not public and, therefore, confidential.

The Ministry of Justice of Hesse has authorized Greenfort to issue the enforcement order according to § 797a of the German Code of Civil Procedure. The office of conciliation can therefore decide enforceable settlements. Our cociliators are distinguished for their skills in negotiating and solving conflict.