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firestarter | 04.09.2017

Welcome, Patrick Rode! "Firestarter" Patrick supports Greenfort from 4 September 2017 as part of his legal education.

Patrick about Greenfort: "At my personal interview before joining Greenfort I noticed one thing straight away: This firm is different! At Greenfort there is a perfect balance of a laid back atmosphere as well as a very high work ethic, leading to a great working climate in general. Since starting here as a Legal Trainee (Rechtsreferendar) this first impression is unchanged. I was immediately involved in client work and have already completed a few demanding tasks. One of the highlights up to now: The regular Greenfort Lunch, which consisted of a team lunch at the office, during which we were able to listen to a very interesting talk on the topic "Litigation Communication". I am very much looking forward to the many challenges ahead and to getting to know the team at Greenfort better!"

firestarter | 01.08.2017

Welcome, Julia  and Alexander!
"Firestarters" Julia Becker and Alexander von Bernstorff supports Greenfort from 1 August 2017 until 30 November 2017 as part of his legal education.

Alexander about his stage: "First workday – jump in the deep end? Not at Greenfort! Instead you will find colleagues who are happy about the newbie on board and are open to all kinds of questions. As I was also largely involved in the daily work with clients right from the start, I am really looking forward to the upcoming months of my legal traineeship."

Julia abaut Greenfort: "Right from the start I was actively involved in the daily legal work at Greenfort and I am presented with challenging and exciting tasks on a daily basis. I am able to learn from excellent lawyers and from day one I enjoy great appreciation both as a person and as a lawyer from everyone in the team. I am looking forward to continue my exciting and instructive time at Greenfort."

internship | 31.07.2017

Valentin Schultz (University of Frankfurt) used the semester break to get an insight in the work of an iternational law firm at Greenfort.

Valentin about his internship: "Thanks to the friendly atmosphere and many interesting tasks, even an intern, who becomes a part of the team for only a few weeks, can feel the strong team spirit. Since my internship started, I am excited when I hear the sound of my alarm clock in the morning. I had a great time here. Thank you!"

internship | 17.07.2017

Paul Mey!
Paul Mey (University of Mannheim) experienced the work of an international law firm during his internship at Greenfort.

Paul about his internship: "Green is the color of hope and I hope that Greenfort's way of working catches on. The working atmosphere, the collegiality and the passion each and every one in this office has, are inspiring and contagious. During my internship at Greenfort I was able to gather new experiences and pleasant memories. Many thanks to everyone!"

internship | 01.07.2017

Mia and Franziska!
Mia Ramic (Queen Mary University, London) and Franziska Höbald got an insight into the working life of an international law firm during their intership.

Mia about her internship: "My time at Greenfort has offered me insight into various areas of law and numerous possibilities to participate in high quality work. I’ve felt welcomed and as part of the team from the very first day."

Franziska about her time at Greenfort: "My internship at Greenfort gave me first insights into different legal areas and the associated legal work. Moreover I always felt welcomed and well received by the team."

firestarter | 05.01.2017

Welcome back, Julian Monschke! "Firestarter" Julian supports Greenfort from 5 January 2017 until 4 September 2017 as part of his legal education.

Julian about his stage at Greenfort:"Arriving. Feeling well. Kicking off. I return to Greenfort as a trainee lawyer after an internship about three years ago. Because my welcome now was as warm as my farewell then, it was a feeling of well-being from the moment when I passed the door. With this feeling of being part of the team, I immediately started my work. The first talks with my new colleagues promise a time of focusing on my preferred field of law (Compliance) as well as learning a bunch of new things. I am looking forward to my time here with very special colleagues."

firestarter | 05.12.2016

Welcome, Antonia Allmendinger! "Firestarter" Antonia supports Greenfort from 1 December 2016 until 28 February 2017 as part of her legal education.

Antonia about Greenfort: "The team at Greenfort gave me the best welcome in my legal traineeship within the last two years. Thanks to the warm welcome and the open-minded team I immediately felt welcome. My personal mentor made sure that I had a good start. From the beginning the lawyers gave me interesting tasks and gave me the chance to deepen my knowledge in my particular field of interest, but also in various other fields of law. I particularly like the entrepreneurial and progressive thinking and acting of Greenfort and the small things that show that Greenfort really cares about its employees."

apprenticeship | 30.08.2016

Welcome, Franziska Kapelar and Michelle Simon! On 18 July 2016 our two "newcomers" joined Greenfort as trainee lawyer's and notary's assistants.

Franziska about her apprenticeship: "From the first day, I felt welcome and perfectly included in the team. Everyone is always willing to help me."

Michelle about Greenfort: "Greenfort is able to unite high professional competence and quality of work with social competence and humanity which are reasons why I feel warmly welcomed and well taken care of."

greenfort | 16.12.2016

1920 Style Christmas Party at Frankfurt's Logenhaus

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greenfort | 04.10.2016

o'zapft is!

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Gallery Christmas Party 2016

greenfort | 10.11.2016

Frankfurt Lawyer Table Football Tournament

On 10 November 2016, the seventh Frankfurt Lawyer Table Football Tournament for the benefit of the Child Health Foundation ("Stiftung Kindergesundheit") took place. Greenfort lawyer Felix Ries and Greenfort trainee Kim Schick represented the firm against 31 other lawyer teams. After a rollercoaster of emotions and – thanks to the Swiss System – of placement, the team ended up ranking twelfth.

greenfort | 23.09.2016

First Employment Law Workshop

On 23 September 2016, twelve selected students and legal interns were invited to Greenfort's employment law workshop. The goal was to draft legal comments on recent court decisions to be published in legal journals. The day began with a presentation in which Prof. Dr. Mark Lembke and guest speaker Prof. Dr. Achim Schunder (C.H. Beck publishing house) gave guidance on legal writing. Afterwards, the participants worked in three groups together with Greenfort lawyers Prof. Dr. Mark Lembke, Daniela Hangarter and Dr. Pascal M. Ludwig. All participants were highly motivated and at the end of the day, everyone was proud of the excellent results."Awesome atmosphere, great team work, a very successful event." (Karolin Fesenbeck, University of Heidelberg)  "Diverse program, very positive atmosphere and interesting conversations. A workshop successful in every aspect!" (Pablo Most, University of Konstanz)

greenfort | 03.07.2016


Nach vielen Schweißperlen und unzähligen Kilometern zu Land, Wasser und auf dem Rad sowie nach den letzten Vorbereitungswettkämpfen war es am 3. Juli 2016 endlich soweit: Greenfort-Anwalt Prof. Dr. Mark Lembke beantwortete sich die ihn seit längerem beschäftigende Frage "Wie fühlt sich ein IRONMAN an?". Die Antwort: Es dauert 10:50:44 Stunden, und der abschließende Marathon ist echt hart. Da braucht man in der Tat einen eisernen Willen. Dass es noch viel schneller geht, bewies Mark's Trainerin, Natascha Schmitt: Die von Greenfort unterstützte Profi-Triathletin aus Frankfurt am Main legte ein fulminantes Rennen hin. Sie führte beim IRONMAN Frankfurt, einem der bedeutendsten Events im Triathlon, lange Zeit – nämlich über 180 km Radfahren und bis km 18 beim Laufen –, ehe sie den aufgrund einer Fußverletzung fehlenden langen Läufen Tribut zollen musste. Dennoch dauerte ihr "längster Tag des Jahres" nur 9:16:40 Stunden (persönliche Bestleistung) und bescherte ihr Gesamtplatz 4 bei den IRONMAN European Championships sowie den 3. Platz der Deutschen Meisterschaften (Triathlon Langdistanz). Damit schloss Natascha nahtlos an ihre tollen Ergebnisse in diesem Jahr an (1. Platz beim IRONMAN 70.3 Luxembourg und beim City-Triathlon Ludwigsburg, 4. Platz beim IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca und beim IRONMAN 70.3 Kraichgau).

greenfort | 16.06.2016

J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

As every year, Greenfort has participated in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt on 16 June 2016 as one of 5,861 teams. The JP Morgan Corporate Challenge is the largest corporate running event worldwide. This year, the Greenfort team consisted of 20 runners and everybody enjoyed themselves.

greenfort | 17.06.2016

let's bowl!

Greenfort Summer party 2016

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greenfort | 02.07.2015

10 Years

Greenfort summer party

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greenfort 30.04 - 03.05.2015

Greenfort on Mallorca

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