In good hands

To value,
to overcome frontiers, to see the difference being made:
straightforward, beyond tradition, and made to measure.
Conscious of individual requirements, of the freedom to leave conventional paths,
and of the pursuit toward first grade solutions.
Going deeper, setting standards,
creating values.

Greenfort at a glance



Greenfort - a unique law firm, founded in 2005 in Frankfurt am Main: international, holistic, delivering value and offering modern services of the highest quality. Sometimes unorthodox, often pioneering, but always tailored to needs. We have business minds for your business, we are your reliable counsellor who gets things done - with the essential goal in mind:

Making our clients happy!

What others say about Greenfort

» Highly recommended by numerous international businesses and clients. «
The Legal 500 Deutschland 2015
» Among an increasing number of enterprises the partnership has taken on the role of a strategic advisor. «
Juve Handbuch 2014/15
» For younger lawyers, the partnership, founded in 2005, has become a genuine alternative to the bigger international law offices. «
Juve Azur100 Awards 2014, Top-Arbeitgeber 2014/2015
» I know no other law firm than Greenfort that seems so honest, modest, and without pretension so focused on the matter at hand. «
Christian Kobilke (Hartz Regehr & Partner)
» Highly client and service-oriented. «
Chambers & Partners Europe 2013
» After nearly 10 years, a prime example of a stable unit. «
Juve Rechtsmarkt (Journal for Corporate Law Firms) 2014/2015
» Strengths: a young, dynamic team«
Juve Rechtsmarkt (Journal for Corporate Law Firms) 2014/2015
» Praised by clients for corporate compliance expertise and negotiation abilities. «
Chambers & Partners Europe 2014
» The law firm is the prime example of a stable unit. Time and again its clients affirm the lawyers' significant understanding of business and commerce. «
Juve Handbuch 2015
» Regarded as excellent in the field of labour law. «
The Legal 500 (2010/2011)
» The law firm is the first contact for complex cases, and is praised for its exceptional quality. «
The Legal 500 Deutschland 2015
» Distinguished as the top commercial law firm of Germany 2014 in the fields of banking, company law, mergers and acquisitions and private equity, venture capital. «
Focus Spezial, Ausgabe Okt./Nov. 2014
» Again received a great deal of praise from clients: such as 'very practical support' and 'excellent expertise'. «
Juve Rechtsmarkt (Journal for Corporate Law Firms) 2014/2015
» Greenfort, whose separation is almost a decade ago, is now regarded in the market of Frankfurt as something like the mother of all successful spin-offs. A key to its success is the stable team of partners that has been working together since the firm started. «
Juve Rechtsmarkt (Journal for Corporate Law Firms) 2014/2015
» Praised by clients for corporate compliance expertise and negotiation abilities. «
Chambers Europe 2014

Greenfort Media

Greenfort Publications

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